Sunday, February 17, 2008

Chapter I

James was not a typical nerd. He was a nerd's nerd.
He could often be seen at Oakmont High complete
with a pocket matching pencil holder, taped glasses
and decked with the latest out of style second hand
mismatched clothing.

One unwelcome additional trait that James possessed
was that he was a "bully magnet". James was roughed
up, teased unmercifully and bumped repeatedly by these
types before, during and after school and our story begins
with one of the attacks after school.

Our nerd friend James was on his way home from school
with thirty pounds of books, an almost empty lunch box
and a nearly compete collection of last year's computer
magazines when he discovered that three of his bully "friends"
were following him. James started running behind several
nearby houses into a wooded area but was soon stopped
by the three.

Henry - the biggest - grabbed his books, threw them into the
mud and stomped them. Soon the three were shoving the much
smaller boy between them until he fell to the ground.
After taunting James repeatedly, one of them kicked their
young victim in the ribs and the smell of blood sent the others
into a frenzy. While the beating continues, James lost
consciousness and became instantly aware of a bright

The scene is very peaceful with a man standing by James
in a beautiful orchid. The man speaks: "James, you are
on the verge of being killed by three bullies and for no
valid reason."

The man continues: "You now have a choice - you can
enter into heaven now because of a commitment you made
to the King at age eight or you can go back to serve Him
in a completely different role."

"If you choose to go back, your size will remain unchanged
but your strength will be far superior to any living mortal
being and you will be invincible. None can harm you! No
weapon will harm you. Your skin will feel soft to the touch
of a friend, child, or even a girl but harder than any reinforced
concrete abutment to any and all unfriendly blows."

"You will be in the service of the King for a soon to begin
'Seven Year Period'. You will receive your future instructions
through your computer which only you can decipher."

What is your choice?

James slowly woke up as the biggest bully began what he
expected to be his final victory kick when an arm clamped
over his ankel just before contact and caused him to lose
balance and fall to the ground himself beside his once helpless

James rose slowly, repositioned his glasses while each
arm was supposedly held by an attacker. Slowly the biggest
of the three arose and jumped into the air with an intended
karate kick to James' stomach but what happened instead
was that the other two were moved with ease to receive the
kick knocking one out of action.

This angered the remaining two intensely whereupon they
swiftly jumped in for the supposed kill when a right to one
a left to the other sent the amazed three scrambling away
for their very lives.